Self-Published Patterns

Ama Sweater

The Ama Sweater: where carefully worked out proportions meet a stitch pattern designed to showcase hand-dyed yarn.

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A top-down oversized raglan with perfectly proportioned sleeves, Ama is a ‘try-on-as-you-knit’ cropped sweater, worked in two colours. The ‘string-of-pearls’ patterning and colour-block effect is designed to make the most of variegated or speckled hand-dyed yarn. The pattern is written for eight sizes, from 28” / 71 cm chest to 58” / 147 cm, and includes lots of handy guidelines, such as stitch count ‘check tables’ and detailed explanations of all the techniques used.


The Shawl Saturday Series

The Shawl Saturday Series is a pattern subscription club inspired by the four seasons, with four patterns released throughout 2019 (one in March, June, September and December).


Join me for a knitting adventure through the year as a member of the Shawl Saturday Series: discover a spring-time shawl fresh in design and colour, giving you just enough warmth for those crisp spring days; a simple summer shawl, ideal for the beach, lake or pool; a rich and cosy shawl for autumn, perfect for hibernating in; and lastly, a winter shawl, made with pops of colour to brighten up the dark days.

Each pattern will also be accompanied with an appealing sheet of hand-illustrated “Shawl Inspiration Notes” giving you lots of exclusive behind-the-scenes information about how the design came about!

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Patience Cowl

What you need: 100g of 4ply/fingering-weight yarn in miniskeins of 5g, 10g, or 20g size, or mini-skeins from a yarny advent calendar, or leftover yarns; 3mm and 3.25mm circular needles in an 80cm circumference.

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Works particularly well with fade effect yarns. This sample knitted in “futret” mini-skeins from Rusty Ferret Yarn.

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Trilliant Hat

Special Loch Ness Knit Fest collaboration with Rusty Ferret Yarn

Who doesn’t love triangles? As soon as I opened my Japanese stitch dictionary and saw the stitch pattern upon which the Trilliant hat is based, I knew that I had to use it in a design. Paired with Rusty Ferret’s gorgeous semi-solid DK yarn, the cable and ribbed texture was just beautiful. After a lot of swatching, experimenting and converting the stitch pattern into the round, the Trilliant hat was born.


Named after the ‘trilliant cut’, a triangular method of cutting gemstones, the hat features a tessellating triangle pattern. It has a very slightly slouchy fit and small two-stitch travelling cables, which are easy to work without a cable needle if you choose (instructions included).

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Originally published in Knit Now Magazine issue 75 and now available as a single pattern via my Ravelry store.


Perfect for solid, semi-solid or slightly variegated yarns, in either sport or fingering-weight! Fenestra uses two skeins of gorgeous Manos Del Uruguay, Serena yarn and makes a perfect shawl for the changing seasons.

Named after the beautiful holes, or fenestrations that appear in the leaves of the Swiss cheese plant, Fenestra is a beautiful top-down crescent-shaped shawl. As the shawl grows, ‘leaf veins’ are added at the centre and the edges, and large eyelets appear in the centre of these columns. A beautiful lace edging finishes the shawl off, which can be worked from the chart or from the written instructions.

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Demelza Edition: If I Want Exposure, I’ll Get My Tits Out

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Proudly part of Countess Ablaze’s #titsoutcollective, this special Demelza Edition shawl is named after Poldark’s strong leading female character and was first conceived of as a large DK-weight shawl (named Cassiterite) to be worn by Demelza Poldark whilst she is striding along a wind-swept Cornish clifftop. She is a brave and resourceful character, who experiences many hardships, including domestic abuse that forces her to leave her childhood home. As with all the #titsoutcollective projects, a portion of the revenue will go to charity, so up until 1st August 2018, £1 from each pattern sale will be donated to Scottish Women’s Aid.


The shawl pattern is now written to include two 4ply sizes (middle and right hand photos), as well as the original DK version (left hand photo). It features stitch patterns inspired by the layered rocks found in cliff sides around the UK, that work fantastically with both solid shades and variegated yarn. The small triangular 4ply version (middle photo) is knitted in beautiful limited-edition yarn from The Wool Kitchen, also created especially for the #titsoutcollective.

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Perfect for variegated or speckled yarn! The Ama shawl is a collaboration with The Wool Kitchen and uses two skeins of beautiful BFL/Bamboo 4ply fingering yarn in Grey Matter and Stowlips.
Named after Japanese pearl-divers, who are often women, Ama is an elongated half-pi shawl featuring a gorgeous ‘string of pearl’ stitch, which creates moreish little pops of colour and texture throughout. Click here for more information.


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George Street

Love variegated yarn and just a wee smidge of seed stitch? Hate weaving in ends?George Street is a shawl specifically designed to address a number of knitterly problems. It showcases a gorgeous skein of variegated yarn and does this in manageable stripes of seed stitch, a stitch many people dislike knitting but love the texture it creates. Due to the clever mesh lace edging, there are only four ends to weave in when you’re finished knitting!

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Tolkowsky Mitts


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Tolkowsky Cowl


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Slice of Honey  – I love cables but I find that they sometimes require a bit of concentration. The ‘slice’ of cables in this hat provides just the perfect balance between enough cabling to satisfy your cable love and some soothing reverse stocking stitch.



Worked in aran weight yarn for a speedy knit, Slice of Honey is a unisex hat available in three sizes and two fits (beanie and slouchy). A ‘slice’ of honeycomb cabling is surrounded by reverse stocking stitch and is worked all the way up to the crown.

The pattern contains both charts and written instructions for the cable sections. Slice of Honey has been fully tech-edited and test knitted, and includes clear photographs and a schematic. Click here for further details, more photos or to buy a copy of Slice of Honey


Hover – Love mini-skeins? Love fade-effect patterns? Hover has been designed especially to make the most of mini-skien sets and features a beautiful slipped stitch and yarn over section at the transition point between colours.


Named after the shawl’s shape, which resembles a hovering bird, Hover is knitted from side-to-side, increasing towards the mid-point and then decreasing back down. The desire to reach the next mini-skein and a decreasing stitch count in the second half, make Hover a motivating and fun shawl to knit.

The pattern contains instructions for different sized mini-skein sets (5 x 20g and 8 x 13g),and “Gone Wild” instructions for other sized sets (including left-overs), making it a versatile pattern for all seasons.

FullSizeRender 8



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Folden – Part shawl, part cowl, Folden is a shawl with a twist or two: get past the mid-point and the stitch count rapidly decreases towards the finish, which makes Folden a very motivating knit; and once finished, Folden is folded in half along the mid-line to reveal a striking picot edge.



Coming from a desire to knit something simple but with a twist, Folden has gentle garter and stocking stitch sections, with a row of eyelets in the middle, and tassels at each corner. Suitable for variegated, semi-solid and solid coloured yarn, Folden is that perfect mix of quirky yet easy knit.





Folden is knitted with 100g of 4ply/fingering-weight yarn. The pink version is knitted in Walk Collection’s Tough Sock in Frangipani and the turquoise version is knitted in Fivemoon’s Luna Plus 4ply Solids in Duckegg.

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Snow Blossom – If you still need a little shawl around your neck in late spring or early autumn, then Snow Blossom is the perfect piece for you.


A beautiful crescent shaped shawl, it uses two 50g skeins of contrasting 4ply/fingering-weight yarn in a graduating effect. The garter stitch stripe sections knit up quickly and lead into the pretty lace section, which features simple ‘no-turn’ bobbles, and a beautiful bobble edging.




First published in Knit Now Magazine in Early Spring 2017, the pattern has now been updated to include instructions for knitting a slightly larger Snow Blossom in light 4ply/fingering-weight yarn, as well as the original heavy 4ply/sport-weight version.

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Zastruga – a fabulous shawl making the most of mini-skeins and gradient yarns.


Zastruga is a sweeping triangular shawl, knitted from one corner down to an Old Shale edging, in five distinct sections. Each section features a different texture to depict a developing snow storm. The sections can be repeated or extended, and there is a handy table included in the pattern to help you plan your ‘off-piste’ Zastruga shawl.



I find mini-skein sets very tempting, but MaddieHarveyZastruga_Bluesometimes it’s hard to find patterns that will make the most of the gorgeous colours and gradients.
To remedy this, I have designed my Zastruga shawl: a well-thought-through knitting design which makes the most of special 4ply mini-skein sets and gradient yarn.

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Sycamore – now available in my Ravelry store (click here). First published in Knit Now Magazine Autumn 2016 and now includes instructions for knitting Sycamore in 4ply/fingering-weight yarn.

Sycamore is a beautiful triangular shawl, featuring an unusual combination of lace and cables. It is designed to make the most of a special skein of yarn in a solid or semi-solid colourway.

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Cherry Stone – available in my Ravelry store (click here)


Cherry Stone has arisen out of several necessities and an ever-so teeny tiny yarn addiction. Like you, I have a stash full of lovely variegated yarns, but find it hard to pick patterns to use them in.

Cherry Stone is an asymmetric shawl, which showcases variegated yarn and is also a solution to several shawl knitting conundrums:

– it makes use of a gorgeous skein of variegated yarn
– it features a ‘picot-on-the-go’ edging without a lengthly picot cast off
– the bold stripes are cleverly knitted without lots and lots of ends to weave in
– it uses simple short rows, with no ‘wraps and turns’, to create an easy-to-wear longer, scarf-shape shawl
– the short rows are closed using a row of contrasting bobbles, mirroring the bobble i-cord cast off

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