Top 10 Patterns: Number 8, Cherry Stone Shawl

Top knitwear designer Kate Atherley once challenged me to buy the loudest skein of yarn and make it into something (this was back in 2015 at a knitting retreat in Manchester)! Now, I LOVE a challenge and I may be a tad on the competitive side … so I didn’t just knit something with the loudest skein (which of course was from Countess Ablaze), I designed a shawl and published the pattern. Cherry Stone was my first self published design and I’m delighted that it’s come in at number 8 in my top 10 pattern countdown.

I know that you probably have a similarly wild or maybe a couple of particularly gorgeous single-skeins in your stash so like Kate Atherley, I’m challenging you to free one of those skeins by knitting it up into a Cherry Stone Shawl!

As well as being great for those precious single-skeins, the other neat thing about this shawl is that when you’re finished you have very few ends to weave in. The clever ‘picot-on-the-go’ edging that’s worked at the beginning of every right-side row, means that both yarns are carried-up the side of the shawl, even in-between the wider stripes. You can find a handy video tutorial for this technique in the Tutorials section of my website – click here to head over there.

Anyway, a lot of my lovely Knit Night friends have knitted a Cherry Stone Shawl. They’ll happily tell you that out of all my designs, Cherry Stone is a well-worn favourite of theirs … and just to clarify: that between them, being the lovely knitterly friends that they are, they’ve knitted a lot of my patterns!

The Cherry Stone Shawl pattern is available to purchase by clicking here for my Ravelry Store or clicking here for my new Payhip Shop.

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