Top Five Tips For Knitting With Mini-Skeins

To help you plan your beautiful mini-skein project and to make the most of your minis whilst you’re knitting, I’ve complied my top five tips for mini-skein success! I hope you find them useful.

1) Take Photos: Once you’ve worked out the perfect order to knit your mini-skeins in, take a quick photo of them on your phone. I always think that I’ll remember which mini I was planning to use next, but I don’t, so use your phone camera to help you.

2) Use Weighing Scales: I love my little set of jewellery scales for weighing my yarn. They are great for mini-skeins because you often want to use up all the yarn but it can be hard to work out whether you’ve got enough yarn to knit another row or not. Read about how to do this here.

3) Wind Them At The Last Minute: It’s very tempting to wind up your mini-skeins into little balls right at the beginning of your project. However, if you’re finding it hard to work out which mini to use next, you’ll find it easier to see all the colours in the yarn if you leave them as skeins. Unravelling and laying out the mini-skeins next to each other will help you decide upon the best order to knit them in.

4) Knit In The Ends: Try the handy ‘weft-clasp’ technique for joining-in new mini-skeins to avoid having to weave in lots of ends!  Read about the technique here.

5) No Weaving-In: Another way to deal with the ends is to hold them with the working yarn and work the next couple of stitches with the old tail, new tail and working yarn held together. Or, if you’re knitting a tube (like the Choose Colour! Cowl) where all the ends will be on the inside and unseen, just tie the ends in a double knot – nobody will ever see them! (I have a big oversized jumper where I did this: I have to tuck the ends in around the neck every time I put it on! Haha!)

Looking for mini-skein patterns? Have a look here.

Looking for mini-skeins?Here’s a handy list of mini-skein producers!

What Is A Knit-A-Long?

Do you know what a knit-a-long is?

I’m hosting one especially for all my mini-skein patterns, which started on 1st Dec, and after a chat with some of my knit night friends, it occurred to me that I should perhaps explain what I mean by ‘having a knit-a-long’ or KAL? Maybe you are new to this idea of a ‘knit-a-long’ or you might be a seasoned ‘KALer’!? Whichever you are, I thought it would help if I explained a bit further … it’s not complicated, I promise!

Really, it’s just a group of people who are knitting a similar thing at the same time: we are all ‘knitting along’ together. This might be knitting the same pattern, or using the same kind of yarn, or all knitting the same type of accessory (a hat, for example). A knit-a-long can take whatever form you like. You might run your KAL at your weekly knit night, or with some knitting friends you’ve met online. There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to KAL – it’s just a lovey way of coming together and sharing our creativity.

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I’d love it if you joined in with my mini-skein knit-a-long especially as, if you’re experiencing winter in the Northern Hemisphere (like I am here in Edinburgh), you might be in need of some bright pops of mini-skein colour to brighten-up the darker months!

Knitting Along Together: How To Join-In With My Mini-Skein Knit-a-Long

THE KNITTING BIT! Firstly decide which of my five mini-skein patterns you’d like to knit: Choose Colour! Cowl, Hover, Patience Cowl, Winter Lights or Zastruga.(Ravelry link)

THE ALONG BIT! Choose some yarn (mini-skeins or leftovers) and on, or after, the 1st Dec make a start on your project.

THE TOGETHER BIT! Come and share your mini-skein creation with the rest of the KALers – there are lots of ways to do this:

If you’re on Raverly, you might like to make a project page and come and say hello in my Ravelry group – you could share some photos of how your project is going. Everyone likes to see what colours people have chosen, or which pattern they’ve picked to work on.

If you’re on Instagram, share some photos of your KAL knitting and put the tag #mhdminiskeinkal in the caption so that other KALers can find you and give you some likes! You could also tag me in your photos, I’m @harveyknits

THAT’S IT! Once you’ve done these three things, you’ve joined the knit-a-long! Whoop whoop!

Finished Projects
When some people get towards the end of their project, I’ll set-up a thread on Ravelry where they can post a photo of their finished mini-skein project and … be eligible for a prize! More on that soon …

You can join in with with KAL by casting on at any time and since it finishes at the end of February, there’s plenty of time to finish your project – it’s a very laid-back KAL.