Perth Festival of Yarn

Just over a week ago I was sitting on my sofa ‘recovering’ from Perth Festival of Yarn! This wasn’t because I’d had an terrible time and needed to recover, quite the opposite! I’d had such a lovely ‘yarny’ weekend looking and squishing at all the gorgeous skeins and chatting with so many brilliant people, that I was trying to re-adjust to being back at home.

As well as taking Karie Westermann’s fantastic “Knitting The Landscape Class”, I also had quite a lot of time to wander around the marketplace and take some photos:

It was great to chat with Pauline from Lifelong Yarns about their yarn and the Scottish Blackface fibre blends which they use, and also with Julie from Black Isle Yarns – I was particularly taken with these beautiful indigo-dyed mini-skeins!

There was lots of variegated hand-dyed yarn too. Two of my favourites were Das Mondschaf from Germany, whose yarn was so beautiful that I could have closed my eyes and picked any skein and been delighted with it, and Giddy Aunt Yarns, who had some especially lovely mohair and double-knit colourways.

Of course, I made a few purchases! On the Saturday I bought this gorgeous single skein from Love Handyed, and as I was wearing my Hecate Shawl with it’s little moon motifs, I couldn’t resist a celestial needle gauge from The Queen of Purls. I also bought some lovely gradient mini-skeins from Cookston Crafts and five skeins of Ullcentrum 2-ply from Midwinter Yarns, as I have plans to knit myself a Moonbow sweater from issue 26 of Pom Pom Quarterly – watch this space!

I hope you’ve had a chance to visit a yarn festival recently or have one coming up? Perhaps I’ll see you at one soon!


Tutorial: How To Knit An I-Cord Corner Tab Cast-On

This tutorial explains a technique use in my Hecate (Ravelry link) shawl from Issue 26 of Pom Pom Quarterly but I’m sure that you’ll find it handy for any shawl with an i-cord edge that begins at the corner.


The corner i-cord tab, is fairly similar to the straight i-cord tab cast-on, as featured in my Ama shawl (Ravelry link) except that a yarnover is worked in the middle of the picked up stitches to create the corner.

First work the i-cord as instructed in your pattern, here I’ve worked six rows to create six  ‘v’s in the i-cord (worked in the dark grey yarn, the rest of the tutorial is worked in light grey to make the technique clearer, but you can follow your pattern).



When you work the next row, don’t slip the stitches back to the left-hand needle, but turn the work 90 degrees clockwise to pick-up stitches along the edge of the i-cord (if you’d like help with picking up stitches along an i-cord, see my handy tutorial here).


Skip the ‘v’ directly underneath the needle (the first dark grey one in this example), and pick-up one stitch in the next ‘v’ by inserting the right-hand needle under both strands of the ‘v’, looping the yarn around the needle and pulling a loop through. For this tutorial, I’ve done this twice (which is different from the Hecate pattern to protect copyright), but your pattern will advise on how many stitches to pick up.



Now we have reached the middle of the tab, make a yarnover (this enables the tab to bend and creates the point or the corner of the shawl).


Skip the next ‘v’, and pick-up two stitches (or however many your pattern says) in the following two ‘v’s. There should be one ‘v’ left, which we will skip.



Finally, turn the work 90 degrees clockwise and pick-up three stitches from the cast-on edge. Work the wrong side row as per your pattern.


Yay – you have now worked an i-cord corner tab!

Have you come across this technique before? I’d love to know – leave a comment below!

Maddie x